Our Story
When I was a kid, my Grandma was 85 years old and had smooth, soft skin and no wrinkles.
People often called her baby face.
Every evening, she put this crème on her face.
One day she showed me the recipe for the cream that she mixed up twice a year in the kitchen.
It was from her great great granny, who was a pharmacist and she was married to a botanist.
After my Granny passed away, the recipe was never seen again and I forgot all about it.
That is until recently.

​After several decades (I am a grandpa now), I looked through our old,
114 year old family bible and guess what???
There it was : The old recipe! She had used it as a bookmark.

I was excited when all the memories came back and since my dear wife always has terribly dry skin, 
we decided to create a batch. It worked out so great, we gave some to friends and they loved it too.

This gave me the idea to make more and make this great stuff available to everyone.

So here you are. A great, all natural skin nourishment is reborn.
100% organic and natural.
No additives, preservatives, stabilizers of any kind. 
Get Yours Now 

We are a small family business and we produce 1 small, handcrafted batch at a time, using only the best organic ingredients.

We will never use chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers or any additives.
Just organic and natural ingredients, nature's wholesomeness

Granny, her Secret and the Lost Recipe